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Built to support all aspects of construction projects, RYZIR is a project management and construction services firm founded in 2019. Owner representation services through RYZIR offer our clients several advantages over competing firms. Our expertise in the field of commercial and residential construction is based on years of real experience managing and building projects. We offer design team assembly, DOT and Safety logistics consulting, conceptual budgeting and project scheduling based on the successful completion of countless projects in New York City.


If your project is still in the acquisitions and pre-planning stage, RYZIR can assist the development team with any pro-forma needs. Furthermore, our pre-construction approach is identical to our methods of project management. Meticulous organization, aggressive scheduling and comprehensive coordination allows for repeated delivery of successful projects to our clients.

Project management services from RYZIR provides our clients with a single source for all project

requirements. Our services will include coordination with various design consultants, (architects, interior designers, and engineers). This promotes seamless integration across trades, ensuring no details are overlooked and projects run smoothly. We utilize the latest technologies, keeping you connected to your project, including online document collaboration, electronic tracking of schedules and budgets, digital on-screen takeoffs, video conferencing and virtual meetings. We recognize that technology is a powerful tool in project management therefore we take full advantage.

Jeffrey Notorio

 Jeffrey Notorio received a Bachelor's Degree in Building Construction Technology at the University of Massachusetts. As Chief Operating Officer for a leading general contractor in New York City,  Jeffrey has gone on to build over 1,000,000 SF of commercial and residential construction in New York City and has mastered the skill of pre-construction, project management, budgeting, and scheduling. He has 10 years of direct experience managing major residential and commercial projects from inception to final close out. Jeffrey's pragmatic  and process oriented approach has led to countless projects being delivered on time and within initial budget. 

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